Hungry Cows

The utility NFT collection by MuesliSwap that helps you boost your yield farming rewards.

Mint Price is 45 ADA

The Hungry Cow family

10,000 unique NFTs that help you to earn more! Boost your MuesliSwap yield farming rewards with Hungry Cows.


Each HungryCow has unique features that contribute to its rarity and boosting factor.

  • Hungry
    Different Cows
  • Sunglasses big
  • German hunting hat
  • Nft 213 1.4349
    And many more


  • 10.000 unique Hungry Cows

    Each Hungry Cow is unique and has its own boosting factor.
  • NFTs with real utility

    Hungry Cows are used to boost your yield farming rewards on MuesliSwap. This means this NFT helps you to make you real money.
  • Be part of our community

    You can do everything you want with your Hungry Cow NFT. Even resell them!


  • 1

    Drop 1

    Releasing at least 2,500 Hungry Cows to the Cardano community.🔥 The Minting process will be exclusive to MILK stakers for the first 3 days and then open to the public.

  • 2

    Utility Starts

    Boost your yield farming rewards on MuesliSwap Cardano mainnet with your Hungry Cow NFT. Each NFT has a unique boosting factor which will be applied to the yield farming position you lock the NFT with (only 1 yiel farming position per NFT). 

    Muesli yield logo
  • 3

    Drop 2

    We will be releasing the remaining Hungry Cow NFTs to the Cardano community. 

    Nft 19 1.2679


You ask – we tell.

Runs on Unicorn Platform